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Frequently Asked Questions
The following are a list of questions that our customers have asked and we have answered in relation to the usage of this site.
FAQ sections.
Using this website

Using the Chat Rooms

Using the Email Question System

Understanding the billing system

Contacting us

The Psychics

Employment Opportunities

SMS/TEXT Readings

Using this website
What must I do to make sure that my computer will be able to navigate this website?
  • 1) Your computer must be able to accept cookies. Make sure that you have "enabled cookies" on your computer. 2) You MUST download the free Shockwaver player. There is a link to the free download in the menu bar on your left. 3) You must have uninterrupted dial up and DSL, Broadband, Cable connection at all times when using the website.
What are my rights and obligations when using this website?
  • Our Terms and Conditions explain all of that! You cannot make a purchase without accepting our terms and conditions which are offered for viewing before you can finalize a transaction. By accepting our terms and conditions you can then follow through with your purchase. Please make sure you read them as they are there to protect everyone! There is a link to the Terms and Conditions page on every page of the site at the bottom of each page.
Using the Chat Rooms
My chat room does not load up completely.
  • To be able to use the chat rooms you MUST download the free Shockwave player. There is a link to this from the menu bar on your left.
I cannot send text.
  • You MUST click your "Start" button BEFORE typing and sending text. To send text you must click the SEND or press ENTER button.
What is the "Finish" button for?
  • You can click this button to exit the chat room AFTER your reading is completed.
What happens if I click my \"Finish\" button before my reading is completed?
  • Your chat will end. The timer will stop and you will exit the chat room.
Can I save a purchase to use at another time and how does that work?
  • You may save time and use it again at your leisure. All details of your time, balance and purchases are shown in your admin centre.
I have a MAC, are your chat rooms compatible with it?
  • YES! Our rooms are compatible with ANY and ALL types of computers and systems. However, as with any form of Internet communication system, problems may occur that may prevent your participation in the chat rooms.
What does it mean if a psychic is on an "break"?
  • This means that the psychic is still available to chat with you but not immediately and you can expect a short wait.
And what about Web TV?
  • Yes, our rooms are compatible however as with any form of Internet communication system, problems may occur that may prevent your participation in the chat rooms.
Do I need a password to get into the chat rooms?
  • No. Once you create an account you will have to log into the site and use the login details you entered when you created your account. Signing in allows you to use the chat rooms as long as you have a positive balance in your account.
Are your chat rooms one-on-one, psychic / customer, fully private chat rooms?
  • YES!rnOur sites chat rooms are private and the most modern and innovative chat rooms on the internet!
I have lost my connection, or for some reason I cannot get into the chat room. How can I try to get back into the chat room?
  • Simply select the online psychic of your choice and click the "CHAT" box.
After making a purchase can I change my choice of psychic reader
  • Yes. You are NOT buying time with a specific psychic, you are just buying time which is stored on your account. You can go to any psychic's chat room (as long as they are online) by clicking the "CHAT" button next to their listing.
Using the Email Question System
I have questions about a number of other people. Do I have to include their names and dates of birth?
  • YES!rnIt is important for our psychic readers to have the first name and DOB of each person you are asking a question about.
I would like to ask about persons who have passed on.rnWhat information should I include in my email?
  • Our psychics require the persons first name, date of birth and date of death and their relationship to you or the people you are asking about.
Why did I not receive my email reading within the 48 hours stated?
  • Unless your chosen reader has taken ill or some unplanned siutation arises, you should receive your email reading within 48 hours of the request. If you have selected to have your email reading sent to a free email address such as gmail,yahoo,live etc, be careful not to delete the reading which these email systems sometimes think are spam. It is not a good idea to use such email addresses and you do so at your own risk of losing your email type reading!
Understanding the billing system
I do not have a VISA or Mastercard, can I use a different credit card?
  • NO. We only accept VISA and Mastercard. In some instances we may accept direct deposit into our bank account, but this must be approved in advance.
If I am not happy with a reading for any reason, can I request a refund?
  • NO. We do not provide refunds for any live chat reading or time (minutes) that you have purchased. We will offer you another reading by crediting your account.
Contacting us
How can I contact the site ?
  • The website is fully automated and you may contact us by email which is responded to within 24 to 72 hours. There are no telephone numbers for contact.
Is the site monitored all the time and can I contact you at anytime?
  • Yes, the site is monitored 24/7 via an automated system. The website is self functioning. You may contact us by email at Please note that this is the ONLY email address we can receive your feedback on. Emails sent to other email addresses will not be answered.
The Psychics
Are your psychics tested?
  • YES! All of our psychic readers have several tests to complete before being approved to work on the site.
Can we email the psychics directly?
  • NO! Our psychic readers are not permitted to have contact with customers outside of the site.

    As a customer you are not permitted to give out your email address, phone number , or postal address.rnThese measures are in place to guard both the customer and psychic readers privacy.

A lot of psychic sites have a rating system for their psychics. Do you?
  • NO! Our investigations into most rating systems on other psychic chat sites reveals that they are unreliable and not true indications of the accuracy of psychic readers. In fact we have found that many psychics make minimum purchases with themselves and then write glowing reviews for themselves. Some also get friends, relatives and fellow psychics on the network to do the same! Other psychic sites allow the psychic to review customer comments and post only the positive ones!

    We feel a rating system turns honest psychic readers into dis-honest ones!

Employment Opportunities
How can I apply to become a reader on
  • You may apply online by clicking the EMPLOYMENT link at the bottom of the website page. We have the best payment system of any online psychic chat site for suitable selected readers.
SMS/TEXT Readings
How do I sms/text a psychic?How many questions may I ask per sent sms?
  • Here are some tips to help you create your SMS psychic questions:

    1. Keep it concise , be straight to the point and choose words that are not ambiguous. The more straightforward you are with your questions the easier it would be for the psychic to answer you.

    2. You may only ask ONE question per sms. Remember that sms readings are meant for quick,. short \"to the point\" questions and answers. If you have a long and detailed question, use the EMAIL option.

    3. Be conscious of the character count � Each phone model has different specs for character count in one message. Find out the limit in your phone. If you exceed this, you will usually receive an alert asking if you want to send it as two messages or that the current message is truncated. Find out what kind of charging is done for the text a psychic service. It may be per message pair or per message sent.

    4. Use the text a psychic service to answer questions that are important to you at the moment � This service is designed to give you quick access to a psychic to let you ask your pertinent questions form anywhere and anytime. If you need guidance on a decision that you are currently making and are feeling a bit confused about, this is the appropriate medium to use. If you have a more important concern that requires further details and long explanations from your psychic, then you may want to choose to have a live chat reading with a psychic instead.

    You are allowed a maximum of 160 characters and spaces. Our system will automatically delete characters above this amount. This 3 line paragraph has 160 already

How long will it take to receive a SMS reading reply from the psychic?
  • In most cases it will take no more than 10 minutes, however there WILL be circumstance when it will take longer, sometimes hours.
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