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Christin offline offline
Guest - California, USA
Original PsychicPeople reader since 2000! Direct with advice on love and relationships. Classic Runes, the Tarot and I-Ching qualified. Sorting through the best options and their outcomes.
  $3.50 / minute

Astrea offline offline
Guest - Sydney, Australia
Astrea's experience lies in all areas and dimensions of the Metaphysical world.
  $5.10 / minute

DreamCatcher offline offline
Guest - Perth, Australia
A qualified metaphysical Relationship and Spiritual counselor with a special gift of Clairvoyance and some Secret Divination techniques.
  $5.00 / minute

Journey offline offline
Guest - California, USA
Journey is a Clairvoyant and Tarot Card reader. A special lady with so much patience and understanding and a willingness to help and teach.
  $3.99 / minute

SpiritWhisper offline offline
Most sought after spiritualist advisor on four continents. Master of the Ouija Board. Combining the Tarot & years of relationship counseling with Channeled Clairvoyance to answer all your questions.
  $6.00 / minute

Michael offline offline
Guest - California, USA
Michael has been a Metaphysical practitioner for almost 16 years. Gifted and insightful!
  $4.55 / minute

Angel Secrets
Angel Secrets offline offline
Guest - USA
She is so brilliant with her accuracy! ~ My guardian angel ~ Angel was excellent! The best reading I have had and she was spot on about so many things!
  $4.00 / minute

Wella offline offline
Guest - Adelaide, Australia
Looking for a reading that makes sense to you? A truly sensitive and feeling psychic reader determined to find rhyme and reason to all that encounters each individual. Always ready to help.
  $5.45 / minute

Gabrielle holiday Holiday
Gabrielle is an Internationally recognised famous TV Psychic Detective, Medium, Psychic Profiler,and Counsellor.
  $3.00 / minute

Luna offline offline
Guest -
If you need some down to earth advice, psychic insight ,genuine insight, then Luna is the perfect choice to have a psychic chat with.
  $4.45 / minute

Fantasia offline offline
Guest -
"Her chats are always so informative" ~ "She told me what to expect and she was right!"
  $5.00 / minute

Carla Esposito
Carla Esposito offline offline
Guest - Sydney, Australia
From the Historic Sydney Harbour Rocks area, this clairvoyant works with you and for you with amazing accuracy.
  $4.00 / minute

Edna Bardsley
Edna Bardsley offline offline
Guest - Wiltshire, England
English Rose. A mothers heart and a womans touch combined with a background heavily laden in the Wicca ways. A simply accurate clairvoyant, thank you Edna!
  $5.00 / minute

Psychic Chat
Psychic Chat offline offline
Guest -
This is a psychic chat site where you can select your psychic and purchase time with them to use now or later. We are currently building brand new, smartphone and tablet interactive chat rooms. Stay Tuned!
  $2.00 / minute

MystickalSkyies offline offline
Guest - Ohio, USA
Sleepless nights? MystickalSkyies will take you into her world of inner wisdom and light,where you'll find influential solutions and peace of mind.*Blessings***Offering Tarot & Psychic & Astrology Readings
  $3.00 / minute

Zarina offline offline
Guest - NSW, Australia
Hard hitting psychic with amazing accuracy and future predictions.You shouldn't pass up the chance of a reading with her, it WILL make a difference.
  $4.00 / minute

Vivian Howard
Vivian Howard offline offline
Vivian Howard is a life coach. Her focus is on providing them with tools so they are fully in control of their own, sustainable personal growth.When working with Vivian,people thrive and enjoy life
  $6.00 / minute

Angeltic offline offline
Guest - NSW, Australia
Prayers answered through channeled medium. Take calculated risks but never act out of emotional stress. I will help you sort out the issues you face. Readings on love, career and finances offered.
  $4.35 / minute

KindSoul offline offline
Guest - Victoria, Australia
Guardian Angels help me to answer your questions. You ask me and I ask them. In no time we will have reliable options to guide you forward.
  $5.50 / minute

Lady Eve
Lady Eve offline offline
Guest - NSW, Australia
Specialising in career path and work related readings. Natural clairvoyant also guiding love relationships.
  $4.35 / minute

Dave Hovenga
Dave Hovenga offline offline
Guest - Melbourne, Victoria
Do you seek the fundamental truth to your path in life? Dave utilises a combination of channelling and the Tarot to divine the nature of current hindrances and to show you how best to face the future.
  $2.00 / minute

Claudia offline offline
Guest -
A well developed sense of intuition, empath and visual psychic. Works with several divination tools and her own natural psychic gifts.
  $4.80 / minute

Cherry offline offline
Guest - Adelaide, South Australia
Psychic without limits using some of the oldest forms of divination known. Natural Psychic (born with the gift) not learnt from a book!
  $5.45 / minute

Christine Martin
Christine Martin offline offline
Guest - Adelaide, South Australia
Awaken your sleeping self, its time to be aware of your full potential. I use Tarot and my Guides to unveil that which is hidden

  $3.00 / minute

Laura St-John
Laura St-John offline offline
Laura St-John was born a natural psychic. Within the first 6 years of her life she was contacted by Spirits and visions of future happenings.
  $6.50 / minute

Spiritwind offline offline
Guest - Wisconsin, USA
As an honest and down-to-earth person, Spirit Wind will tell you only what she sees and hears using her remarkable intuitive gifts and her skill as a tarot reader. Practical, spiritual insight that you can easily apply to your current life situation
  $4.99 / minute

Clair offline offline
Guest - Arizona, USA
Clair is a very caring natural clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and an empath. She has studied extensively to better understand and utilize her gift.She works in close conjunction with her spiritual guides.
  $2.00 / minute

Stardust offline offline
Guest - Michigan, USA
Experience the Mystique of a Third Generation Psychic receive a *Professional*Honest*Accurate* psychic reading with ~*Stardust*~ today. Most accurate international psychic online today.
  $4.99 / minute

Chayanna offline offline
Guest - USA
I provide the answers you need with compassion.
  $9.99 / minute

Angel Oracle
Angel Oracle offline offline
Guest - Oregon, USA
I am a natural born clairvoyant, psychic, medium, intuitive. I give clairvoyant readings offering guidance in areas of relationships, career, finances, general readings.
  $2.00 / minute

Mystic Nena
Mystic Nena offline offline
Guest - Tennessee, USA
Professional psychic specializing in relationships, career, finance and dream interpretations. There is no problem that cannot be resolved through the caring guidance of Mystic Nena.
  $3.00 / minute

Hecate holiday Holiday
Guest - Ireland
Natural Born Psychic,Clairvoyant, Medium Advisor and Metaphysical Teacher with 29 years experience of showing people what destiny has in store for them.
  $2.99 / minute

Isabelle offline offline
Guest - Victoria, Australia
My name is Isabelle, I am a psychic medium with 20 yrs experience. If you have any questions about relationships, career, psychic protection or just need some caring guidance I am here to help.I can also answer your questions on just about anything t
  $2.00 / minute

Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf offline offline
Guest - Pennsylvania
First names only No DOB's! Empath (direct feelings of person I am in direct contact with), Clairvoyant (seeing psychic visions), Claircognizance (knowing facts without knowing how the information was received) Clairaudient (hearing voices of the Div
  $2.00 / minute

Dorinda offline offline
Guest - California, USA
Let me show you the way to peace, happiness, and freedom. I will lead you out of the darkness and into the light!
  $4.99 / minute

Messenger offline offline
Guest - Adelaide, South Australia
Messenger is also a Professional Counsellor Dip. Pro. Couns. M.A.I.P.C. who is able to combine her earthly skills and spiritual abilities to give you an accurate reading.Messenger uses The Tarot cards, Runes and Angels to reveal what has been hidden
  $3.33 / minute

Gwen offline offline
Guest - Malta EU
Having the strength to push forward, the conviction to do what's right and the empathy to acknowledge others situations makes Gwen a unique person.
  $3.50 / minute

Fyre offline offline
Guest - USA
Over 10 years providing accurate and honest readings. Find out what he is really thinking and how he feels about you? Does he/she love me? Relationships, Career, money and more...
  $4.50 / minute

Aqua Marine
Aqua Marine offline offline
Guest - UK
Want to know what they are thinking or feeling? Where the situation is heading ? Will you get back together after a break up? Im an honest,ethical Psychic here to help.
  $5.99 / minute

SpiritFeather offline offline
Guest - Cave Springs Virginia
Every Moment Of Life Is A Gift. Live It With Peace Of Mind. I Would Love To Guide You In The Right Direction.
  $2.99 / minute

Christian Alexander
Christian Alexander offline offline
Readings conducted on Australian and Hollywood film and music celebrities as seen with Bert Newton on Good Morning Australia. Now its YOUR turn!
  $8.95 / minute

Oracle offline offline
Guest - Florida, USA
tarot teader, psychic, clairvoyant, medium, spititual advisor.
  $3.99 / minute

Carebear of Love
Carebear of Love offline offline
Guest - Phoenix,Arizona
Please provide first name and dob with questions ** Empathic,Clairaudient,Intuitive and Spirtitual. 14 years practicing all of these gifts enable strong emotional connections to bring answers to life's hardest questions.
  $3.00 / minute

Aislinn offline offline
Guest -
You don't have to sit and wonder anymore! I can help you find the way, and show you the path you are truly meant to take in life. There is no reason to be lost. Find out what the future truly holds for you, in love, your career, or otherwise.
  $2.50 / minute

Raven offline offline
Guest - Sydney Australia
Welcome my name is Raven, reader, healer, empath, and intuitive, from an Italian background, emotional issues are familiar territory for me as are those of family, love and relationships.
  $2.50 / minute

Leonora offline offline
I hold The Mastery of Mediumship certificate obtained through the Psychic Registration Board. I have various professional qualifications in Management,Health and Social Services.
  $4.95 / minute

Silver Owl
Silver Owl offline offline
Guest - Victoria
Three followers of Wisdom: Imagination, Purpose and Endeavor. The guidance of the Tarot can help you find the path to all three. If you have a question that needs answering, the universe is here to help you find peace with it.
  $2.95 / minute

Scott Russell Hill
Scott Russell Hill holiday Holiday
Star of TV's Sensing Murder, Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Popular Radio and TV Psychic, Magazine Columnist.
  $5.00 / minute

Vanny offline offline
Guest - New York, USA
I have been a spiritual advisor for 20 years. My study began as a child and developed as a teen. I use my own intuition, psychic abilities, the Tarot and Osho Zen cards as these are more spiritual in nature but are very accurate.
  $3.00 / minute

Mystic Debbie
Mystic Debbie offline offline
Guest - California, USA
Psychic reader and spiritual advisor who is extremely intuitive and able to connect to your situation so as to help you with all matters in life. Love, relationships, career and family. Call or Chat now
  $0.50 / minute

Seraphim offline offline
Guest - Holland
I work with Angels, Spirit Guides, I'm specialized in Soulmate/Twin Flame Readings, Starseeds. I'm a Reiki Master, Aura- Chakra Healer, Crystal Therapist, Angel Healer.
  $3.00 / minute

Zelda offline offline
Guest - Wisconsin, USA
No matter what the issues I will be able to help you find the perfect path to what you want to manifest in life. Don't delay another day let Zelda help you today!
  $7.00 / minute

Sheila offline offline
Guest -
Spiritual Counselor, Clairvoyant and Guidance Advisor with intuitive gifts. Her specialties consist of love & relationships, family issues and career. Sheila speaks fluently ENGLISH, SPANISH and SWEDISH.
  $2.00 / minute

Anastasia offline offline
Guest - Orlando, USA
Anastasia has over 18 years of online experience helping people who are lost on their path in life. She is caring, compassionate and to the point when helping shine a light into the darkness. Come speak to her today to be uplifted.
  $3.33 / minute

***Conversion rates are approximate and final value will vary.

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