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Psychics Online Now
Refresh this page often to update the list of online psychics.

Single Room Chats
Psychic Chat
Psychic Chat is Available Now.
This is a psychic chat site where you can select your psychic and purchase time with them to use now or later. We are currently building brand new, smartphone and tablet interactive chat rooms. Stay Tuned!
Psychics available for SMS
Vivian Howard
Vivian Howard is available for SMS
Vivian Howard is a life coach. Her focus is on providing them with tools so they are fully in control of their own, sustainable personal growth.When working with Vivian,people thrive and enjoy life
  $29.00 / SMS
DreamCatcher is available for SMS
A qualified metaphysical Relationship and Spiritual counselor with a special gift of Clairvoyance and some Secret Divination techniques.
  $11.50 / SMS
Laura St-John
Laura St-John is available for SMS
Laura St-John was born a natural psychic. Within the first 6 years of her life she was contacted by Spirits and visions of future happenings.
  $29.00 / SMS
SpiritFeather is available for SMS
Every Moment Of Life Is A Gift. Live It With Peace Of Mind. I Would Love To Guide You In The Right Direction.
  $11.50 / SMS
Carla Esposito
Carla Esposito is available for SMS
From the Historic Sydney Harbour Rocks area, this clairvoyant works with you and for you with amazing accuracy.
  $11.50 / SMS
Wella is available for SMS
Looking for a reading that makes sense to you? A truly sensitive and feeling psychic reader determined to find rhyme and reason to all that encounters each individual. Always ready to help.
  $11.50 / SMS
Cherry is available for SMS
Psychic without limits using some of the oldest forms of divination known. Natural Psychic (born with the gift) not learnt from a book!
  $11.50 / SMS
Carebear of Love
Carebear of Love is available for SMS
Empathic,Clairaudient,Intuitive and Spirtitual. 12 years practicing all of these gifts enable strong emotional connections to bring answers to life's hardest questions.
  $11.50 / SMS
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