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Psychics Online Now
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Psychics available for SMS
Vivian Howard
Vivian Howard is available for SMS
Vivian Howard is a life coach. Her focus is on providing them with tools so they are fully in control of their own, sustainable personal growth.When working with Vivian,people thrive and enjoy life
  $29.00 / SMS
DreamCatcher is available for SMS
A qualified metaphysical Relationship and Spiritual counselor with a special gift of Clairvoyance and some Secret Divination techniques.
  $11.50 / SMS
Aqua Marine
Aqua Marine is available for SMS
Want to know what they are thinking or feeling? Where the situation is heading ? Will you get back together after a break up? Im an honest,ethical Psychic here to help.
  $11.50 / SMS
Journey is available for SMS
Journey is a Clairvoyant and Tarot Card reader. A special lady with so much patience and understanding and a willingness to help and teach.
  $11.50 / SMS
SpiritWhisper is available for SMS
Most sought after spiritualist advisor on four continents. Master of the Ouija Board. Combining the Tarot & years of relationship counseling with Channeled Clairvoyance to answer all your questions.
  $29.00 / SMS
Wella is available for SMS
Looking for a reading that makes sense to you? A truly sensitive and feeling psychic reader determined to find rhyme and reason to all that encounters each individual. Always ready to help.
  $11.50 / SMS
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