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Psychics Online Now
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Single Room Chats
Sheila is Available Now.
Spiritual Counselor, Clairvoyant and Guidance Advisor with intuitive gifts. Her specialties consist of love & relationships, family issues and career. Sheila speaks fluently ENGLISH, SPANISH and SWEDISH.
Psychics available for SMS
Vivian Howard
Vivian Howard is available for SMS
Vivian Howard is a life coach. Her focus is on providing them with tools so they are fully in control of their own, sustainable personal growth.When working with Vivian,people thrive and enjoy life
  $29.00 / SMS
Christin is available for SMS
Original PsychicPeople reader since 2000! Direct with advice on love and relationships. Classic Runes, the Tarot and I-Ching qualified. Sorting through the best options and their outcomes.
  $11.50 / SMS
Edna Bardsley
Edna Bardsley is available for SMS
English Rose. A mothers heart and a womans touch combined with a background heavily laden in the Wicca ways. A simply accurate clairvoyant, thank you Edna!
  $11.50 / SMS
Michael is available for SMS
Michael has been a Metaphysical practitioner for almost 16 years. Gifted and insightful!
  $11.50 / SMS
Angeltic is available for SMS
Prayers answered through channeled medium. Take calculated risks but never act out of emotional stress. I will help you sort out the issues you face. Readings on love, career and finances offered.
  $11.50 / SMS
Lady Eve
Lady Eve is available for SMS
Specialising in career path and work related readings. Natural clairvoyant also guiding love relationships.
  $11.50 / SMS
Carebear of Love
Carebear of Love is available for SMS
Please provide first name and dob with questions ** Empathic,Clairaudient,Intuitive and Spirtitual. 14 years practicing all of these gifts enable strong emotional connections to bring answers to life's hardest questions.
  $11.50 / SMS
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